Friday, July 30, 2004

Google grabs a whole lot more...

It seems like Google, the becoming arch rival to Microsoft, is doing a full blown recruitment. No wonder the big names are behind after it made its IPO. Here is a list of ppl that i came across while screening the net who recently moved to I have tried to give a short brief about the individuals. Following Josh Bloch moving from here are the others... The list is quite impressive indeed...

  1. Adam Bosworth BEA's Chief Architect
  2. Neal Gafter, who was in charge of javac @ Sun
  3. David Stoutamire ,worked on Java performance at Sun Microsystems 
  4. Greg Stein is an engineering manager at Google, working with their blogging software team. Prior to that, Greg was a director of engineering at CollabNet where he managed the Subversion project and releases of their SourceCast product. He also worked at Microsoft as a development manager. He is also the current Chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, a technical advisor forActiveState, and a board advisor for Secure Software
  5. Rob Pike . Yes, that Rob Pike -- the OS researcher, the member of the original Unix team from Bell Labs
  6. Kevin Fox is currently a user interface designer at Google Inc. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Kevin worked in Yahoo! Inc.'s User Experience Design group, leading the interaction design for Yahoo! Messenger, Chat, and other properties. In 2002, Kevin left Yahoo! for Carnegie Mellon University where he earned his Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction
  7. Jason Shellen. our very own man behind the scenes of these bloger, the new owners of Blogger, Blog*Spot and bStats! It's all about the [b].

Not to mention google runs on a the largest linux cluster in the world, and Microsoft has to try and use their own pitiful OS


Blogger Vaheesan Selvarajah said...

another big blow to BEA..this time their EJB container guru jumps to Google !!


"I(Cedric Beust) quit BEA
Effective today, I have quit BEA and accepted a position at Google. In case you worry, this new role is not going to alter my interest in J2EE and related technologies, nor will it dramatically impact my blogging, so I am definitively planning on staying involved with the community. "

2:58 PM  
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