Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sun Academic Initiative @ Carleton University

Last month we had an official launch of the SUN Academic Initiative (SAI) here at Carleton University, Ottawa. I think it was good success and kick start for me to start as a SUN Campus Consultant. :) Here is picture from the event...

Mr.Wade Hong, Information Tech Officer (ITO), Office of the Dean of Science.
Mr.Bill Jack , Senior Net Admin, Faculty of Science.
Mr.Micheal Kelland , Technical Sales, SUN Microsystems.
and me :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Functional Programming Pain...

I am taking this formal course on Programming Paradigms which talks loads of functional programming with Scheme and it is killing me more than i expected :(

I am not sure who in the world is using such a programming language... no wonder why it survived only in the universities. We are almost at the end of the course and by now I hate brackets. Every single syntax starts with the bracket.. oh jeez...... plus since we have been on the Object oriented world all this time, turning my head to think in terms of functions returning functions passed to a function.. hooooooof.. good lord .. The only thing that i really liked from this language is tha part that is called "tail-recursion" and it works nice and neat. No stack overflows no memory shortage. without this....scheme is a piece of crap :) hee hee hee..

It's funny how the same person who wrote the Scheme also wrote the Java language spec and had been part of the core developer team at SUN.. He is none other than Guy Steele :)