Friday, June 04, 2004

Accidentally bumped into this webcast on Zdnet. A wonderful discussion 15 min to wrap about offshore pros and cons with some top folks in the industry.

As everyone knows offshore development is gonna have a big impact on software industry and i believe it already had. It was interseting to note that some of the presenters mentioning that "India and China are not cheap anymore" and another one saying the time when we used to think that only the low quality cheap work is what drained out to offshore development is gone and now more than money ... talent, innovation and work ethics is what's attracting them.This is good news for all the tech geeks out there in the developing countires. Now their talent and skills are being appreciated. but bad news for people entering the job market here in North America and also in Europe. Another intersting fact was that before starting offshore work every company must have their own acts well set in terms of work process to the level best. Otherwise it's all gonna end up in a disaster. Sounds very true




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