Sunday, May 30, 2004

New Movie(Tamil)

Aayutha Eluththu (Tamil) rel: May-2004

Stars: Madhavan,Meera Jasmine, Surya, Siddharth,Trisha

Music : A.R. Rahman ; Lyrics : Vairamuthu ; Direction : Mani Ratnam.

I saw this movie twice and as you could guess this is another Mani ratnam HIT. I enjoyed every moment of this movie , especially the editing and how the story is organized. Mani has done wonderful job. Typical "Mani Style" scenes such as night light shootings, his own style of dialogs with short but strong sentences are all over the movie.

The movie is about 3 youngster's life styles and how they come to a interfere with each others by an accident on one of the main bridges in Chennai. Every artist in the movie have performed well. Special note should be given to Madhavan for taking up an anti-hero role. As a typical chennai gangster his acting is fantastic. Meera Jasmine looks exactly like the "Azhaki" movie Nandita Das. wow what a combination. Surya , Siddharth and Trisha have doen their roles nicely too.

For all ARR music is another addition to you hit list. Even thougth there has been some recent critiques about ARR's music quality with his master , mentor Mani .. ARR has done a wonderful job in this movie. The music selection for the 3 heros and the theme music for their scenes on the movie are awesome. I always liked the hummings that appear in his movies and AE has some too. Special ones are the "Jeevane.." one that plays behind when madhavan appears and the humming in between the 'saranam' and 'pallavi' in the "hey good bye nanba...." song. The mixing of fast and slow beats in all the songs proves to the ARR critiques why he is such a star.

screenplay, choreography and arts all gives an extra kick to movie. The sync sound technique is a plus with DTS quality sound.

overall I would give 4/5 rating for this movie.

No.. this is not because I am a Mani ratnam fan :o)

Here is the link for the movie info site


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