Friday, November 10, 2006

these are not tongue twisters...

check these out...

"betty bought a bit of butter"

"insert a quater in the meter"

sounds like a tongue twister? Here is an even better one...

"thirty little turtles ina bottle of bottled water. A bottle of bottled water held thrity little turtles. It didn't matter that each turtle had to rattle a metal ladle in order to get a little bit of noodles"

haa haa ha.. that was a tough one right? Actually, they are not tongue twisters. they are sentences used in Indian and other non english speaking countries to help people become familiar with American, Canadian or British accent!! Yes. Why you might ask? Well.. if you didn't know... most of the north american and europian companies are moving thier call centers to these countries. I read this from Thomas L. Friedman's famous book "The World is Flat". If you haven't got a chance to read it.. it's a highly recommended read for everyone in this century coz the book is a brief history of 21st century. Wonderful book. A true globalization 101 for the novice.


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