Friday, January 27, 2006

Gates vs Jobs

This article from critiques Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) for not being inclined towards charity and not spending enough on charity, where as Bill Gates (MS Founder) is known for a lot of those. However, in my view isn't that something that is personal to Jobs or Gates? They worked so hard to get where they are and they were smart enough to do so. The millions they earned were rewards for their hard work and spending it on charity is totally upto them. Having said that, I am not saying that you should not make charity donations. I think not all rich people make public charity donations and make that as a propaganda for their image as bill gates does. This is not necessary. If you are giving charity then just give it. Why make it a big deal? There is a nice proverb in my mother language that goes "The right hand should not be aware of What your left gives". I think , for me, this makes total sense. What do you folks think?


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